Why Buy Antique Furniture?

Antique furniture is defined as any existing piece that is over one hundred years old, and despite the masses of contemporary options, antique pieces are increasingly sought after. From the historical significance to the superb craftsmanship, there are many reasons why antique furniture comes out on top. 

So, read on to discover the key points that answer the question: why buy antique furniture?

The Unmatched Quality

We feel that the quality of antique furniture is unmatched by anything on the market today. One of the reasons for this is that a skilled carpenter carefully handcrafted each piece, and the time, effort and talent that went into the process are unheard of today. From intricately carved pieces to the exceptional woodwork that has resulted in each piece lasting over one hundred years, the quality is evident.

Unfortunately, the skillset involved in traditional carpentry has largely been lost, as well as the skills needed to work with the materials used years ago. For example, the type of wood used to create antique furniture is rarely used today, due to the loss of skill. As such, contemporary pieces are often made from far less durable materials, further resulting in lesser quality.

The Historical Significance

Another reason to buy antique furniture is the historical significance of each piece. Essentially, owning an antique is owning a piece of history, and there is something truly wonderful about this. Each piece has its own story dating back to a bygone era, and we feel that these stories effectively convey how people used to live, giving us an invaluable connection to history.

The Environmental Impact

There is also a multitude of reasons why antique furniture is more environmentally friendly than its contemporary counterparts. Discover the main reasons below, in an excerpt from our blog – Finding Eco Friendly Furniture.

The Aesthetics

Due to the craftsmanship, we feel that the visual appeal of antique furniture is also unmatched by anything made today. Whether it be an intricately carved piece or something more subtle, the details found in antique furniture are truly beautiful. Moreover, antique pieces are extremely versatile and tend to work well in both older and more contemporary settings. For example, pine furniture looks fantastic in almost any setting, and even more unusual items can be a fantastic statement piece in even the most contemporary interior.

Owning Something As Unique As You

We believe that everyone should have a sense of individuality when creating their perfect home, and antique furniture is the best way to achieve this. This is due to the fact that no piece of antique furniture is exactly the same as another. 

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