Finding Eco-Friendly Furniture


Beyond this, experienced carpenters can upcycle older pieces of furniture using the aforementioned process. In this case, not only is the reclaimed wood put to good use, but the carpenter is also giving the older piece of furniture a new lease of life. Therefore, when you choose pieces already in circulation, far fewer materials and furniture end up in landfills.

Restored Antiques

As suggested in the context of ‘older pieces’, restored antiques are an excellent eco-friendly furniture option. This is predominantly because the piece already exists and doesn’t require new resources. As such, there is far less waste generated compared to today’s throwaway culture. This, in turn, can cause a decrease in the production of new furniture as demand falls, reducing the carbon footprint of the furniture industry as a whole.

Moreover, antique furniture has a longer lifespan than modern, mass-produced furniture. This is largely because antique furniture was carefully handcrafted with solid wood instead of frailer materials used for mass-produced furniture. As such, antiques can be maintained to far outlive modern furniture whilst also having an intrinsic level of popularity that withstands the test of time.

Finding Eco-Friendly Furniture – Antiques

As demonstrated, antique furniture is the most eco-friendly furniture option. And, fortunately, there are many possibilities when shopping for antiques. From antique dealers to up-and-coming antique retailers like Penderyn Antiques, there are many places to shop amazing antique pieces.

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