Why Buy Handmade Pine Furniture?

A common softwood, pine has been a popular choice for furniture making for generations. Handmade pine furniture, in particular, has many benefits. The light colour, for example, makes pine pieces incredibly versatile, owing to their popularity. Moreover, pine has a distinct grain with darker knots, giving it a unique look.

Although historically a more cost-effective option, pine furniture can match even the most durable and expensive woods in terms of longevity. This is especially the case with handmade pine furniture, such as pine antiques, which were carefully handcrafted by a skilled carpenter and have since stood the test of time.

In addition to the longevity of handmade pine furniture (especially pine antiques), there are numerous reasons to incorporate these beautiful pieces into your home. Read on to discover a few!

Visual Versatility

Visually, pine furniture is incredibly versatile. While it is typically used to create a rustic or country look, it can also look fantastic when mixed in among other styles. This is because it’s visually versatile enough to complement a broad range of colours, patterns and interior styles. For example, a pine piece can blend beautifully into even the most contemporary interior, creating an ultra-chic look. Conversely, you can also mix and match pine pieces with other woods. For example, pine looks great amongst darker, more traditional looking furniture.

Colour Options

As pine is a light wood, it is possible to stain to achieve your desired colour. Moreover, there are various finish options, from painting to covering with a clear coat of varnish. As such, although pine pieces are already visually versatile, they are further customisable to meet more specific preferences. Moreover, you can also refinish pine furniture as your preferences change.

On the other hand, while pine is a light wood, the exact shade can vary slightly. Therefore, you have plenty of options to choose your perfect piece without making changes to the original item.


While we already touched on the durability of pine, conveyed by its ability to last for generations when skillfully handmade, there are further durability elements that make it a fantastic choice. Namely, pine furniture is resistant to shrinking and swelling, meaning that it can maintain its original shape despite changes in humidity and temperature, unlike other woods. Moreover, pine furniture is shock resistant, further adding to its durability.


While there has been a recent increase in the cost of pine furniture, thanks to the rise of rustic interior design trends and the versatility of the pieces, it is still incredibly cost-effective compared to many other options. This is especially true when considering the longevity of handmade pine furniture, meaning that a little extra cost is negligible if you consider how long it can last.

Timeless Style

As conveyed by its visual versatility, pine furniture is a timelessly stylish choice. Not only does it look beautiful within a range of interior styles, but it is also capable of adding a stylish, cosy charm to any room. Whether you want to create a country cottage feel or add some rustic charm to an otherwise stylistically polished space, pine furniture is your best friend and will remain so as the rest of your interior evolves.

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