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Elle Decoration UK


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Elle Decoration UK’s May 2021 Issue

With its strong fashion and style heritage, Elle Decoration UK has quickly become one of the leading voices in the contemporary interior design space. It successfully showcases a range of beautiful homes and varying styles from around the world, and offers interior styling advice. Therefore, Elle decor is undoubtedly one of the UK’s best interior design magazines.

House & Garden


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House & Garden’s May 2021 Issue

With stylish ideas for any space, House & Garden is one of our first stops for the latest interior design insights and lifestyle inspiration. In particular, we recommend this magazine for the fantastic editor-picked interior and homeware tips found in every issue.

The World of Interiors



The World of Interiors’ May 2021 Issue

Offering a fantastic selection of interior content, The World of Interiors provides a range of inspiration for both contemporary and classic interior styling. Furthermore, the editors successfully marry modern and traditional styles to create timeless interiors that you can replicate in your home.

Homes & Gardens



Homes & Gardens’ May 2021 Issue

Presenting a classic British style in every issue, Homes & Gardens uses real-life stories to bring an array of interiors to life and provide home styling ideas suitable for a broad range of people. As such, we consider it another one of the best interior design magazines in the UK.




Livingetc’s May 2021 Issue

The sister magazine of Homes & Gardens, Livingetc places particular emphasis on modern interior design. However, the editors also bring traditional trends into the 21st century, providing a fresh take on classic interior styling. As such, Livingetc is one of the UK’s most influential modern homes magazines. We recommend visiting the website where you can find digital editions offering interior inspiration and even expert advice suited to a variety of home styling needs.

Homes & Antiques


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Homes & Antiques’ May 2021 Issue

We believe that Homes & Antiques is the best interior design magazine in the UK. In our opinion, there is no better resource for capturing the timeless allure of antique furniture and showcasing how it can enhance traditional and contemporary spaces alike. Moreover, Homes & Antiques provides interior inspiration for a range of style preferences, focusing particularly on creating truly timeless interiors through an eclectic mix of old and new.

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