Our Guide To Timeless Style In Interior Design

What makes an interior timeless? To some, timeless style encompasses trends that have been recurring or constant throughout history. For others, timeless style involves the quality of the pieces within the interior and how they have been maintained. Our perception of timeless style involves a fusion of these elements, which we break down in this blog.

The Main Components of Timeless Interiors

The Colour Palette

To achieve a timeless style, we suggest adopting a neutral colour palette as a base for the interior. That is, we typically favour neutrals for walls and flooring and suggest incorporating pastels and intense colours sparingly. We suggest this because the colours falling under this bracket have demonstrated staying power in fashion and furniture spheres. Moreover, they radiate a clean and relaxing presence that more visually noisy interiors can’t match.

With a neutral palette as the interior’s foundation, you can then use pastels and the occasional pop of intense colour to create a bold statement, warming up the interior while maintaining a sense of timeless class.

Handcrafted Furniture

Well-made, handcrafted furniture always has its place. For us, it’s the use of such pieces that is key to timeless interior design style.

On the other hand, contemporary, mass-produced furniture lasts just a few short years. It’s difficult to achieve a timeless style when the lifespan of the piece is so limited. Moreover, these contemporary pieces simply mimic past trends depending on what is back en vogue – but the execution is rarely as impressive as with the original article. Simply, the skill set involved in traditional carpentry is missing today, and the timeless beauty of antique furniture is near impossible to replicate.

Furthermore, antique furniture is incredibly versatile. Even if you want to change the basis of your interiors every so often to adhere to current trends, a few antique pieces can continually make a fashionable statement in various settings – from ultra-modern to more traditional.

What is more, an antique piece’s uniqueness creates a sense of individuality and luxury, which are qualities that never go out of style!


Functionality is essential. No matter how aesthetically pleasing the interior, if it’s limited in what it provides or is uncomfortable to use, it won’t stand the test of time. Of course, this isn’t to say that you shouldn’t consider the visual aspect at all. Rather, find a suitable balance so that you can enjoy all aspects of the interior.

Following Trends

We typically suggest you don’t become too caught up with current trends. After all, few trends will persist into the coming years or decades. Though you may view them positively now, they may detract from the rest of the interior in time.

Moreover, and as previously mentioned, avoid trends involving too much clutter or visual noise. Having too much going on in an interior may detract from it as a whole. Moreover, too much clutter means that nothing is allowed to stand out. And, in our view, a beautiful, statement piece is key to timeless style in interior design.

Final Thoughts

As mentioned above, a plethora of factors lead to what one might call the timeless interior. However, it also depends on the interior’s purpose. No doubt, a hotel or chain is likely to want an interior that has an enduring, widespread appeal, as it may draw customers back. However, for those styling their homes, it’s worth being a little bolder with your interior design decisions. After all, a little personalisation that somewhat differs from our definition of timeless style is no bad thing. After all, the design of your home is meant to resonate, first and foremost, with you.

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