Add Country Charm to Your Home with Country Antique Furniture


The country style is all about simplicity and authenticity. Add some country charm to your home with pieces like reclaimed wood furniture, vintage rugs and country antique furniture for a truly authentic touch.


Country antique furniture describes antique pieces of pine, oak and elm. Mostly, this would have been during the 18th to early 19th century. This means that these pieces also possess a wonderful rustic appeal and patina through years of use, making them the perfect choice to add warmth and character to your home.

As well as being made from wood locally available at the time of, these pieces are also characterised by simple lines and subtle detailing. This simplicity means that these pieces look fantastic in any home, even when the overarching interior theme varies from the traditional country look. Moreover, the craftsman would have used traditional methods like hand-cut dovetail joints, owing to their enduring functionality.


Examples include oak dressers, traditional Windsor armchairs, and country sideboards. And, whilst country furniture encompasses furniture from various categories, one thing that a lot of the pieces have in common is that they are the focal point of the room they inhabit. This makes many country antiques an ideal statement piece to add a unique touch to the space.


One benefit of antique country furniture is the inherent high quality, as each piece was carefully handcrafted and made to last. However, it’s important to remember that years of use cause signs of age and wear. However, we believe that this adds to the charm, with each piece telling a unique story.

To ensure you’re buying pieces of the highest quality, make sure that they have only undergone restorations where necessary for practicality, rather than aesthetics. This will ensure that the piece remains as original and authentic as possible.


At Penderyn Antiques, we have a passion for country antique furniture, inspired by the simplicity and versatility of the pieces, as well as our own rural roots. And, part of our process is ensuring that each piece is ready for use in your home, without altering the original aesthetics or purpose.

So, if you’re looking for high quality, authentic country pieces that will add some country charm to your home, then look no further than our range of country antique furniture.

We have a wide variety of pieces available, that you can shop here.

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