Penderyn Antiques is run by Nia, Dan, and Leigh – a family team with a passion for quality antique furniture. Leigh, a carpenter by trade, and Dan started the business in 2015 after growing increasingly frustrated with the throwaway society in which we live. The idea was to source and offer for sale a range of antique furniture from their Welsh chapel showroom in the village of Penderyn. Nia soon joined the team, leaving her corporate job for something with ‘a little more soul’.


With a first-rate website and an online social media presence, Penderyn Antiques announced itself to a broader market. In a short space of time, Nia, Dan, and Leigh found themselves with a growing customer base throughout the UK, supplying quality pieces to people with a mutual passion for antiques, including members of the public, trade and interior designers and hotel chains.


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