Our Process of Antique Restoration

While antique furniture is incredibly durable, over time and if not cared for properly, antique restoration is needed for pieces of even the highest quality, so that they can regain functionality.

However, many antique dealers offer antique furniture solely for visual and collectable purposes instead of as furniture to be used as originally intended. 

Fortunately, as an antique retailer, we offer antique furniture that is not only valuable from a historical and visual standpoint but is also ready for use in your home.

Our Antique Restoration Process

Our restoration generally involves four steps. 

First, we thoroughly clean the item so that we can accurately assess any repairs or restorations needed. 

Secondly, we carry out necessary restorations using reclaimed wood and materials in keeping with the piece. However, in the interest of the furniture’s antique identity, this is not something that we do liberally. Rather, we only perform these restorations when necessary for furniture functionality. 

Following repairs with reclaimed materials, we may dye the furniture surface if required, such as if the item has faded significantly through being in direct sunlight for too long. 

The final step in our restoration process is to wax or polish the item, depending on the wood type. For furniture with a natural wood finish, we use wax. And, for furniture with a lacquered finish (commonly seen with Edwardian, mahogany pieces), we use a gentle spray polish.

Altogether, our process ensures that any piece you purchase from us will be fully functional and home ready. Your only job is caring for your antique furniture by taking simple steps to prevent future damage and waxing or polishing when the need arises!

Click here to learn about caring for your antique piece.

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