Sustainable Antique Furniture


Nothing shouts sustainable furniture louder than antique and vintage furnishings. The entire antique trade is built off the process of repurposing and reusing items that are hundreds of years old, making this industry very sustainable. The antique and vintage industry conserve and restore pieces rather than throwing them away, reducing landfill immensely. Sustainable furniture is designed to last, and antique furniture definitely does!

sustainable furniture


Sustainable furniture is an important factor in the help towards saving our planet and reducing the impact of global warming. Sustainability in the furniture industry helps reduce deforestation and harmful chemicals being pumped into the atmosphere. To have a greener way of living we need to start repurposing furniture, by either restoring antiques or even creating new items with old, reclaimed wood. Buying and creating furniture with reclaimed wood helps decrease the amount of wood that would have been burnt or even thrown into landfill. 


Sustainable furniture is a key part of avoiding the depletion of natural resources, leaving less of a carbon footprint and becoming more eco-friendly. The antique furniture industry does exactly that, antique pieces are built to last due to the true craftsmanship and skill that went into making them.

Each piece of antique furniture is handmade with manual tools and natural daylight, whilst today’s furniture is manufactured with not very ‘green’ machines and electrical light. The craftsmanship within antique furniture makes antiques original in design and style, whilst also being more sustainable than any furniture created with mass machinery.

Sustainable Furniture

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At the centre of sustainability within your home is antique furniture. Antique furniture lasts a lifetime, and can be passed down generation to generation, whilst becoming more and more valuable. Antique and vintage furniture is becoming more and more popular, not only for the design aesthetic and durability but for the sustainability factor. If you really want to start making a difference and reduce your carbon footprint, recycling just isn’t enough.

So, the next time you need or want a piece of furniture, take time to explore antique, charity and second-hand shops. Invest in antiques and vintage furnishings to have more sustainable furniture within your home. Not only do they give a story to tell, but they are also truly unique pieces!

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