Our Guide to Rustic Vogue


Read on to discover how to bring some Rustic Vogue to your home.

What Is Rustic Vogue?

Rustic Vogue has recently gained considerable traction in the interior design space. Essentially, it is a refined, sophisticated take on past trends like Cottagecore and Shabby Chic. And, we would argue, a more timeless version of both.

Think pieces of antique, wooden furniture, styled against a largely neutral colour palette with the addition of some darker, earthy tones. From botanicals to soft furnishings and even dark wood, there are many ways to incorporate darker elements to complement the interior’s base colours.

Mixing Old And New

One of the great things about Rustic Vogue is that it doesn’t look too rustic or country. It is an aesthetic that we believe can suit almost anyone. The trend achieves this by adding contemporary elements that fuse surprisingly well with ‘older’ features.

For example, we have found that contemporary metallic fixtures, industrial-style pieces and modern artwork can complement an interior’s more rustic features extremely well. In this way, the trend can become truly timeless, as smaller, contemporary pieces can be swapped out every few years while the same colour palette and timeless antique pieces remain. Therefore, you will forever have the perfect base to incorporate the latest trends.

In terms of the ‘older’ elements apparent throughout the trend, natural materials like wood, stone, and clay are popular choices. These materials work particularly well when utilised in the interior’s base – such as having wooden flooring, doors or stone walls, and timeless pieces of antique furniture.

Then, with these rustic elements as a base, you can begin adding contemporary features to achieve true Rustic Vogue.

rustic vogue

Where To Start

As mentioned, the best way to achieve the Rustic Vogue aesthetic is to use natural materials and a neutral colour scheme at the base level. For example, wooden flooring and panelling against a backdrop of neutral colours make for a great start. Moreover, an open floor plan is generally seen as preferable in the Rustic Vogue trend. Then, you can incorporate timeless pieces like quality, antique furniture to make a bold but sophisticated statement in any room.

Following this, contemporary features that suit your style make for the finishing touches. Whether these are ultra-modern lighting fixtures, cool new appliances or the latest in home décor, there are plenty of options to add a trendy edge.

How Can We Help?

Incorporating antique furniture into your home is one of the easiest ways to bring Rustic Vogue into your life. This is because antiques perfectly encapsulate the rustic aesthetic while offering a rich history and visual distinction from contemporary furniture lines. Moreover, many antique furniture pieces are made from high-quality wood, which is central to the trend. Some also have an authentic distressed finish, which we feel always looks better than the ‘faux’ distressed furniture offered by mainstream retailers trying to recreate the antique look. You just can’t beat the real thing!

At Penderyn Antiques, we offer a range of antique furniture perfect for creating an authentic, Rustic Vogue home. From tables and chairs to cupboards and chests of drawers, we offer the possibility to incorporate the trend throughout your home. Moreover, we even have a Rustic Farmhouse section, filled with pieces perfect for a Rustic Vogue home.

Shop Rustic Farmhouse Here.

Final Thoughts

Overall, incorporating a bit of Rustic Vogue into your home isn’t too difficult, especially since there are no strict rules. For example, while a neutral colour palette is advised as a base, you can add your own flair by incorporating some bolder colours wherever you think works. Plus, you can mix old and new at whatever ratio works for you!

Essentially, it’s all about taking inspiration from the trend and incorporating it into your personal style. Just keep it sophisticated, avoid too much clutter and ensure some rustic elements are included, and you can’t go far wrong!

Why not start shopping for the perfect antique piece to add some genuine Rustic Vogue to your home?

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