Introducing Hygge Interior Design


You may have seen hygge interior design sweeping blogs and magazines as this season’s winter trend, but what actually is hygge and what does it mean for your home? 

Simply, hygge (pronounced ‘hooga’) is the act of taking time for yourself away from the rush of everyday life, relaxing with those close to you and enjoying quieter pleasures. 

Hygge originates from Denmark and has been used with this meaning since around 1800. It can be traced much further back to the Middle Ages where a similar Old Norse word meant ‘protected from the outside world’. 

The Danish climate and long dark winters make it the ideal place for hygge to flourish, cherishing quality time together indoors. As we head into Autumn it is the perfect time to embrace being cosy and incorporate hygge into your own home.

What encapsulates hygge?

Hygge at its core is the pursuit of everyday happiness and is just like a hug, only without the physical aspect.

Creating contentment in your life is partly about who you surround yourself with and what your environment is like. Hygge interior design is aimed at creating the ideal environment to slow down and be present with those you love, and to truly feel at home.

How to create hygge in your own home?

There are a variety of ways to create a cosy hygge atmosphere in your own home, by adding natural materials, embracing greenery and adding texture.

Hygge Interior Design

Adding Texture

Introducing layers and depth of texture is an essential part of hygge interior design, when creating a warm and inviting space incorporating soft plush textures is ideal. Think fluffy rugs, thick knitted throws and woven accessories such as mats and baskets which are perfect for storage. Thick and cosy blankets like our 100% wool Welsh blankets are ideal for cold winter nights. 

Another way to add depth and to contrast the plush texture is creating a backdrop of raw materials, exposed beams and bricks, wooden flooring and metal light features make wonderful additions.

Utilising Greenery

Plants are the ideal way to incorporate a pop of warmth and brighten a room, working perfectly with a neutral colour palette. Their environmental benefits are also key, as plants have been proven to improve air quality in homes as well as the mood boost they provide aesthetically.

Lighting Is Key

Heading into the colder and darker months of the year, curating your lighting is the perfect way to capture the essence of hygge. Choose lighting fixtures that compliment your surroundings while bathing the room in a cosy ambient light. Integrating dimmable light features is a must in cultivating a tranquil atmosphere.

Candles are also a hygge interior design essential, providing warmth and cosiness in any room. Place them on a dining table, arrange them on a bookcase, or around a freshly drawn bath and they’ll provide the perfect relaxing touch. Check out our range of eco-friendly coconut wax candles from That Coco Company.

Build a Snug or Reading Nook

Dedicate a small area in your home to relaxing away from the world, doing what you love, be that reading, knitting, relaxing with family. Find a quiet spot or corner in your home and layer in fluffy pillows, comfy throws and a candle or two. This is what the Danish call ‘hyggerkrogs’, and they are perfect for hunkering down during the colder months of the year.

Hygge Interior Design

Hygge is All About You

While hygge may currently be trending, it certainly isn’t one size fits all. The aim is to create an interior that inspires you and this will make yours unique. Focus on creating a home that is simple, welcoming and full of comfort rather than incorporating every aspect that relates to hygge interior design. It’s all about including the things that actually bring you joy and happiness.


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