Introducing Holistic Interior Design


One of these concepts is holistic interior design, which suggests that your home interior should go beyond these typical focuses and support your overall wellbeing. From your mental and emotional health to your physical wellness, holistic interior design is capable of a lot of good!

So, What Is Holistic Interior Design?

Holistic interior design is based on the premise that interiors can directly impact how we feel. For example, a neutral colour palette not only looks visually appealing, but can also create an emotional response such as feeling calm.

Moreover, the term holistic means treating something as a whole rather than individual aspects alone. As such, the concept focuses on the entire interior (such as a whole room or home) and the inhabitant as a whole (including mental, emotional and physical wellness). Then, the interior is carefully designed with all of these things in mind, to create something suited to both the individual and the space, and with the goal of enhancing overall wellbeing.

holistic interior design

How To Incorporate Holistic Interior Design Into Your Home

Consider the Purpose of Each Room

Holistic interior design encourages you to think about the purpose of each room and how this purpose fits into the wider home. For example, if you’re designing a home office, you’ll want to ensure that you have sufficient lighting and a room design that accommodates your individual working needs (such as the furniture pieces you include). Essentially, try to ensure that the the room design enables you to fulfil its purpose.

Don’t Forget the Layout

The layout of each room can also have a notable impact. In particular, the layout is essential for the functionality and practicality aspects of interior design. However, careful layout planning can also change your perception of the space, such as through making a small room appear spacious. As well as this, careful layout planning can help ensure the room has everything it needs to fulfil its purpose.

Consider Different Design Aspects

When taking a holistic approach, it’s important to consider and balance all design aspects. For example, aspects such as colour, light and aroma should all be carefully thought out and complement one another. We believe that a good balance between these aspects in particular can effectively promote a sense of wellness.

Include Sustainable Homeware

As well as what is mentioned above, holistic interior design often also focuses on the sustainability of the interior. This is because the concept is very focused on the ‘big picture’, and that includes taking caring of everyone’s home – the planet.

As such, we recommend shopping for eco-friendly options when designing your perfect home. Fortunately, there are many eco-friendly homeware options, from our antique furniture to products from other sustainable homeware brands.

Find out more about them here.

Make It Right for You

For us, one of the most important aspects of holistic interior design is creating a space that suits you. As such, this may not always come down to shopping the latest trends or trying to emulate someone else’s vision. The best way to achieve a overall sense of wellbeing at home is to design a space that is focused on your individual needs and tastes.

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