Creating A Classic Country Cottage Interior

While many interior design trends come and go, we’re always drawn to the classic country cottage. Naturally, the best way to achieve this look is in an authentic country cottage, already full of the features that comprise the style. However, country cottage has also gained significant traction as an interior design trend, leading to people trying to emulate the look in various house types, from period properties to new-builds.

We believe that the best way to achieve this style is with authentic country furniture, such as high-quality antiques. This is because the trend revolves around embracing the natural wear and tear seen in well-loved pieces, and contemporary ‘faux distressed’ furniture never compares to the real thing.

How To Create a Classic Country Cottage Interior

As suggested, the best way to showcase this style is in an actual country cottage. The small, cosy interiors comprising of plank wood flooring and exposed beams are the perfect base. Nevertheless, there are a few more elements that can really help you to hone in on this trend.

Choose The Right Colour Palette

A country cottage colour palette usually comprises neutral colours, like white, cream, light grey and natural wood. However, the addition of some pastels can add the perfect pop of colour. For example, they can be included through painted furniture, with soft furnishings, or through smaller, decorative pieces. Moreover, natural materials like wood and stone tend to feature heavily, such as with the furniture, the floor and the exposed beams.

Mix And Match Styles

Part of the classic country cottage look is an eclectic mix of styles, from furniture of different periods to a mix of design elements. Overall, there are no strict rules when creating the country cottage look. For example, you can incorporate some contemporary pieces alongside your antiques, but try to avoid anything that looks too polished, as classic country cottage predominantly revolves around relaxed, ‘natural’ looking pieces.

Incorporate Natural Textiles And Patterns

For the country cottage look, we suggest incorporating ‘cosy’ textiles, such as wool, linen and cotton. In terms of patterns, we particularly recommend tartan, gingham and faded florals to further hone in on the cosy country look. And, don’t worry about the patterns clashing, as mismatched patterns feature heavily in the country cottage trend. Simply try to stay within your chosen colour palette, and vary the pattern sizes for a complementary mismatched look.

Opt For Vintage Lighting And Decor

One thing that really encapsulates this trend is vintage decor, whether you choose vintage-style light fixtures or vintage decor. For example, wicker baskets and vintage watering cans used as vases are perfect for creating the quintessential cottage look.

Create The Perfect Country Cottage Today

Why not start creating the perfect country cottage interior in your home? Take the first steps and begin shopping our country cottage range!

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