Autumn Décor For 2022


Autumn décor is almost upon us! Before you know it, the leaves will be changing colours to rich shades of red and gold. The weather will be colder, the air crisper and dark evenings will have encroached earlier upon the day. 

So, in celebration of Autumn, we’re sharing some quick and easy ideas to get your home ready for Autumn. Whether you’re thinking of adding a seasonal twist to your interior, or looking to update your décor, we have some inspiring ideas which will give your home the cosy Autumn feeling you’re after. So without further ado, let’s jump into Autumn décor for 2022!

Decorating with Nature

Decorating your home with tree branches and colourful leaves may seem like an odd start, but done right it’s both elegant and economical. Branches of bright Autumn leaves can be placed in vases for a simple and stylish look, or for a more rustic feel go large with some well-placed branches about the room.  Remember not to overdo it, a few small accents of nature here and there are quick and effective ways of effortlessly getting your home ready for the autumn.

Another quick tip is to fill a wide bowl with Autumn leaves and sprinkle with spices such as cinnamon, star anise and cloves. Place the bowl on a coffee or kitchen table and enjoy as the delicious rich earthy aromas fill your home with autumn.

For a bold statement, why not try turning your hand to creating an Autumnal wreath. A simple wreath can be created with evergreen foliage, clusters of berries, leaves and pine cones. Starting with the foliage, secure the leaves to a wire or foam wreath with florist wire adding leaf bunches at intervals. Next add the clusters of berries, flowers and cones, spacing them at regular intervals. Finally, add bows of garden twine around the wreath. There are many Autumnal wreath making classes to be found locally if you require a helping hand.

Autumn Décor

Wrap up Warm

Light floral fabrics and bright prints are out, checked woollen blankets are in! Layer your furniture with soft layers to snuggle up in as you watch your favourite shows and listen to the wild winds blow outside.  

Choose warm, rich natural colours like oatmeal to keep that Autumn feeling. Warm Welsh woollen blankets will add a sense of warmth to your room, creating the perfect space to settle down in and are a perfect addition to Autumn décor. 

Autumn Décor

The Warmth of Candlelight

Autumn décor is very visual, but don’t forget the Autumn scents of the season can also set the scene for an Autumn interior. Autumn is the season of mellow spices. Think cinnamon and nutmeg, sandalwood and vanilla.

There’s something warm and inviting about the glow of candlelight, and you can find many scented candles that capture the very essence of Autumn to add to your décor. Candles created with a natural blend of waxes and fragrances, are not only cleaner and healthier than high street brands  but fill the room with an aroma that evokes the spirit of Autumn. Why not try Sava by That Coco Company for a warming vanilla bean scent with salted caramels and sophisticated indulgence or Hana for a complex blend of sweet, burning amber and heady fern leaf lavender. 

When it comes to lighting, switching to vintage style light bulbs can give your home a more relaxed mellow glow. This is great for experimenting with lighting as the days get shorter.

Autumn Décor

Colour Scaping

Autumn décor is very much associated with rich earth tones, rustling golds and reds. 

However, if you’re not a fan of these shades then there’s another way to channel the Autumn vibe in a more subtle way. Adding some muted tones in oatmeal combined with shades of green such as fern green and olive can bring some Autumnal influence into your home. 

Of course, you likely don’t want to change the entire colour scope of your home seasonally. However, there are a few simple swaps you can make to incorporate some seasonal colour into your home. This could be through, updated soft furnishings through blankets and cushion covers. Use splashes of vibrant autumn shades, and tone down these brighter colours by mixing them with pastels and neutrals.  


From embracing those warm fiery tones to bringing a bit of autumn aroma into the home, there’s no time to hold back on making the perfect cosy atmosphere to get you through those colder and darker days! And once the decorating is done it will be all the more enjoyable when you wrap up on the sofa with a warm woolly throw and a hot drink.

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