The Advantages of Upcycling

Before delving into the advantages of upcycling, it’s important to understand what it is and how it fits into our processes:

Upcycling involves the creative reuse of materials and the transformation of old items, often leading to an increase in value compared to the original article. When upcycling antique furniture, we focus on restoration, as opposed to completely reworking the piece. This is because the skill-set found in traditional carpentry is unmatched today. Therefore, there is little we could do with an antique (in terms of aesthetics) to make it better than the original. As such, we focus on restoring pieces to be fully functional and ready for use as originally intended. The ‘creative reuse’ part of our process involves using reclaimed wood for repairs (when necessary).

Find out more about our restoration process here.

The Main Advantages of Upcycling

Environmental Benefits

From an environmental standpoint, there are multiple benefits of upcycling. First, upcycling involves using existing materials. It consumes no new raw materials during the production process and uses far fewer resources overall.

Moreover, through upcycling antique furniture (in particular), we drastically reduce the number of things going to landfill. For example, not only do we reclaim significant amounts of wood, but we also rescue beautiful furniture still brimming with potential.


In relation to antique furniture, the cost benefits of upcycling are clear. For example, the piece would have already stood the test of time, needing only minor repairs before being put to use for many more years to come. Conversely, contemporary furniture is simply not built to last, and you can expect to have to replace the item after a few years. This means that, over time, you will save a significant amount of money by having a wonderful piece that you don’t have to replace regularly.


One of the significant benefits of upcycling is that you are often dealing with highly impressive pieces. For example, in the case of upcycling antique furniture, minor repairs using reclaimed wood do not detract from the exceptional craftsmanship that originally went into creating the piece. Simply put, you can’t find a newly made piece that matches the quality and attention to detail seen in antique furniture.

Having Furnishings As Unique As You

By incorporating upcycled pieces into your home, your interiors will be just as unique as you! This is especially true with upcycled antique furniture, as not only is antique furniture inherently unique (as each piece was handmade) but also has novel features brought about by time. From the patina to the unique additions of reclaimed wood!

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