How To Transition Your Seasonal Décor


As the seasons transition, the weather inspires us to adjust our everyday life. Besides changing our wardrobes, why not take it further and spruce up our home to match our surroundings outside with seasonal décor. 

These seasonal changes give us the opportunity to refresh and switch our home décor, taking advantage of all the wonderful colours and beautiful textures that are out there, whilst creating a more comfortable and enjoyable space to relax and live. 

So, if you’re wondering how to transition your seasonal décor, here’s some simple ways to:


We think the easiest and most affordable way to rotate your home’s seasonal décor is incorporating the seasonal tones with your soft furnishings. Switch out your scatter cushions, bedding, throws and curtains with the correct seasonal colours and textures. For example, transitioning from summer to autumn is the perfect time to switch out the brighter colours and lightweight fabrics with the warmer tones and cosier materials.

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Another easy way to transition your seasonal décor is perfecting the light and fragrance. Add some new scented candles to your collection to bring the outside in with our luxury candles range. For example, classic summer incenses are citrusy whilst autumn is the ideal time of year to have the aromas of cinnamon and spiced pumpkin in the air.


Each season has its distinct beauty, therefore displaying organic elements of each season is an amazing way to transition your seasonal décor. Incorporating the outdoors to your interior is a fresh way of expressing change. For example, fill your vases with seasonal flowers or foliage, and even your table top trays with seasonal fruits. Also, a seasonal wreath on your door isn’t just for Christmas!

Adding to the main tips above, the best advice is to have neutral staple pieces within each room that you can easily accessorise with endless colours, styles and textures all year round. For example, having a neutral toned sofa in the living room helps you comfortably change the scatter cushions and throws to any colour and texture out there to match the seasonal vibe. And finally, don’t overdo it, only focus on the main areas of your room, as less is more! 

If you want more seasonal décor inspiration, we’ve created a season-to-season transition guide below:


More often than not the change in weather can help you determine when to switch up your seasonal décor, however, to be more precise we would advise transitioning your winter décor to spring in March.

To bring spring into your home, try these three easy switches:

  • Use décor in pastel hues and cotton fabrics.
  • Change your air diffusers to floral scents like cherry blossom and jasmine.
  • Brighten up areas with spring flowers like daffodils and tulips.


As the weather starts to warm up, we would advise June being a good time to introduce touches of summer into your home.

Check out these tips for incorporating summer into your home décor:

  • Use vibrant colours to create bold statements.
  • Infuse citrus and tropical flavours into the air, such as orange blossom and coconut.
  • Update your displays and vases with sunflowers and lemons.


Waiting for the leaves to start changing colour seems to be the ideal time to transition into autumn décor, so we would advise sprucing up your home in September.

Here are a few tips for your autumn decorations:

  • Include warm tones and cosy materials to your soft furnishings
  • Use fragrance oils with elements of cinnamon and apple
  • Incorporate berries, pumpkins, and maple leaves into your centrepieces.



We believe December is the perfect time to ease into your winter décor. Bringing touches of Christmas into your home can feel magical, however our winter decorations don’t have to solely revolve around Christmas trimmings. 

Here are a few ideas on how to transition to winter:

  • Create a warm ambience by blending deep colours with traditional patterns and thicker textures. 
  • Gather candle scents with wood aromas and hints of ginger.
  • Fill your space with winter foliage like pine needles and cones, accompanied with some red poinsettia for a splash of colour.


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