Finding the Perfect Welsh Blanket For You

Why Choose Welsh Blankets?

When it comes to finding the perfect blanket, you rarely need to look any further than Welsh blankets. In fact, blanket making is a long-standing tradition throughout Wales. As such, the quality of welsh blankets is second-to-none.

There are several factors accounting for the quality of Welsh blankets. For example, making blankets by hand generally results in better quality than mass-produced varieties. Moreover, Welsh blankets are traditionally made with wool, which is arguably one of the best materials for making blankets. This is because wool produces thick blankets that are better at trapping heat than those made from other materials, such as cotton. Furthermore, synthetic materials often cause adverse reactions when they come into contact with skin, whereas wool rarely presents this issue.

Finding Your Style

When selecting the perfect Welsh blanket, you will probably want something matching your current interior style (although we personally love incorporating eclectic décor into interiors). Fortunately, we offer a broad range of Welsh blankets at Penderyn Antiques, suitable for a variety of colour palettes and styles preferences. 

We recommend checking out our guide to timeless style in interior design, which you can apply to selecting the perfect Welsh blanket!

Shopping Welsh Blankets With Us

In addition to our antiques, we sell a range of 100% wool, Welsh blankets, which we deliver across mainland UK! Moreover, in addition to offering a broad range of colours and patterns, we also stock blankets in both adult and baby sizes.

Discover our full range of Welsh blankets now!

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